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ACP CANADA | July 4 | Toronto Federal Court of Canada

First, we thank all who showed their support today in Toronto. The day went better than I had hoped in that we have now already been able to have the Court issue direction (from chambers) with specific respect to how best to proceed with our first ex-parte hearing on Monday July 9th.

We expected to simply file a motion.  Instead, this historic and remarkable undertaking was taken by senior officials immediately to the Court for direction – whilst we waited patiently in a lovely furnished filing office conference room.  Staff provided us with materials and information – (we learned a few things which we had expected to need clarify next week in court).  To our delight, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application – a full week earlier than we expected.

Naturally, I was elated – well other than passing this masonic desecration / abomination / disgrace to the habitual waste of human life in the name of perverse and inhumane systems.

Freemasonry’s Obsession: The Most Evocative Symbol in Egyptian Religion “The Obelisk” Just say NO – FU – Demise nigh?                                                                                       (Note cracks, gaps & incomplete / unkept ‘workmanship’) Dawn is near.

We announced this great news at our round-table discussion a.k.a. ‘press conference’ where we spent a couple of hours meeting and answering questions.  The streaming / wireless connection was disrupted, but the entire videos will be soon available for those of you who could not attend to watch live.

NOTE: We were ‘evicted’ and forbidden from filming our round table discussions from in front of the Federal Court building at 180 Queen St. W. due to 2 evidently disturbed and unstable / angry / confused agents provocateurs “Greg Renouf” and friend.  Any person or group that seeks to defame, slander, discredit or harm others by attempting to provoke or lure them to commit rash / inappropriate action(s) needs to be identified, named and shunned from civil society – and court house property – not the ACP.  I intend to personally pursue this matter when I am next in court in order to keep the record straight and untainted by such scandalous nonsense (which I find to be disruptive, unlawful and in need of legal attention). I made certain that security officers were made clearly aware that we had NOTHING to do with the pair before we ‘moved along’ and tried to set up our livestream elsewhere.

After shouting statements to the effect of “I am not leaving until you call the police” to two security officers in front of the entrance to the Court, the unfortunate (and uninvited) duo then proceeded to follow the ACP and journalists / supporters to the Osgoode courtyard. (It seems to me that the dynamic duo appear to have ‘escaped’ the dragnet & followed the targets). Undeterred, we set up on the lawn of the (public) Osgoode courtyard and recommenced our meeting.  Once again, security demanded that we move along.  This time, I politely asked whether filming from outside of the gates would be agreeable – to which the officer replied: “Now that’s smart” – we had an accord.  When I asked if the officer had received an order to evict us, he replied with both eyes wide: Oh yeah! What an historic day, indeed.

V is for Victory – and for Peace

Thanks to all of our growing supporters for their profound love and best vibes being showed in our direction.  This movement has been growing, and today is testament to the clear fact that humanity is saying NO – FU to mind control, domination, torture, hate, divisions, war, corruption and fraud.  Is it THAT hard to understand?

Videos are being uploaded and will be released shortly.

END NOTE: All local / MSM was 100% absent from our round table.  This clearly demonstrates to us all that sheeple are NOT being told the NEWS.  They are sold a bill of goods rather on CBC and other whores for the masters who used to be in charge.  This is why nobody cares to read rags or watch idiotv any longer.  I wonder sometimes whether or not these whores will ask for bailouts in order that they may continue to bestow humanity with our most important stories fed to them each like a ………….. (fill in your own word).

We, the people, are done.  And we will find court after court which shall agree with our simple and logical requests.  Watch this unfold and watch for indictments soon.

With much hope, and great love,  Jason J.