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The Association of Citizen Prosecutors Federal Class Actions

By LadyDragon

MONTREAL–(–The Association of Citizen Prosecutors attended federal court in Toronto last week on July 4, 2012 and received (ex-parte) directions from the court in respect of proceeding with an historic criminal conspiracy action which names the Vatican and other high-profile parties. The ACP can now confirm that it has now expanded multiple and related international investigations based upon the large outpouring of evidence which has now come from many different segments within our society.

ACP Canada intends to bring further motions before the court, and would like to announce the formation of an united multi-national, multi-tribal Federation.

ACP Canada will be attending the Great Peace Conference in Brantford this month in order to seek both council and support and to be available for other victims. Due to the tremendous public interest and despite a mainstream media blackout, ACP Canada will be providing daily updates for everyone.  

Jason Bowman, Founder ACP – Canada explians below

I, Jason Bowman, Founder ACP – Canada and Rev. Kevin McNamee-Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, and others intend to commence proceedings against the named defendants, and others in Federal Court.

I verily believe that these defendants are parties to criminal offenses including, conspiracies involving parties named, and occult / unknown parties.

I am personally aware of thousands of other status and non-status individual parties, each of whom claim that they have been harmed by what I believe to be collective acts and omissions on the parts of the named respondents.

I and Rev. Kevin McNamee-Annett have commenced meeting personally with each of said parties for the purpose of obtaining information and evidence because in each instance, said parties have been unable to compel other authorities to pursue the crimes alleged notwithstanding the willingness of said parties to proffer prima face evidence sufficient to cause process to issue.

I verily believe that widespread, systemic institutional bias and on-going criminal conspiracies appear to have perverted the course of justice in many of these instances across Canada, and intend to proffer evidence in order that all parties accused of criminal wrongdoing are held to account – without regard to their title or office – to the fullest extent the law.

Within the past 12 months alone, I have been made aware of separate and specific examples where otherwise preventable death or serious injurious harm of victims of the aforementioned conspiracies has resulted at the unclean hands of parties named as defendants in respect of crimes including human trafficking and genocide.


Lady Dragon & Drake discuss latest ACP / ITCCS historical class action updates & much much more – as our great federation grows stronger.

Listen to the pod-cast here:–drake-mid-week-update–wednesday-1

“Evolutionary enlightenment is about a COLLECTIVE EMERGENCE not merely an individual attainment, which has more potential for ‘cultural transformation’ at the leading edge.” Andrew Cohen.

The ‘human predicament’ we face is WHAT will it take for ALL world citizens to unite in a spirit of cooperation, to energize and experience divine prophecy instead of 2012 negative prophecy? I suggest COHERENCE – Language of HEART. Institute of Heart Math and Gregg Braden
Please tune in to our show, expand awareness for yourself, and share with others, to strengthen unity and affirmative action during this critical juncture.

I do not perceive this class action suit is a witch hunt, instead I perceive it is a conscious choice to transform the dark matrix each of us created through negativity, into becoming new world citizens in a new sustainable world.

Listen starting at 8:00 p.m. EST live here:

See this latest interview with Kevin Annett / July 9, 2012:

Dozens of people rally to our class action lawsuit – Mohawk-Onkwehonwe elders reaffirm support for Kevin Annett and ITCCS/ACP – and the black ops campaign against us intensifies as our lawsuit proceeds

Dear friends,

From mothers who’ve lost their children to in-house child trafficking, to native people searching for their murdered relatives, many victims of church and state are rallying to our class action lawsuit that commenced on July 4 in a Federal Court in Toronto. Since that day, more than thirty people have contacted us to sign onto our class action suit.

Meanwhile, news of our effort has been reported on media around the world and has even prompted diplomatic inquiries to the Canadian government by other states.

Jason Bowman, who commenced the suit on behalf of The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) and our ITCCS, expects to proceed soon with the next aspect of the case, despite a heightening “black ops” campaign to derail and discredit our efforts by full-time operatives like a shadowy figure going by the name of “Greg Renouf”.

Predictably, that campaign has focused on trying to defame both Bowman and me by circulating on the internet unsubstantiated and false claims about both of us.

In response, we’ve posted some material to counter these lies and rumors, including this recent note from Cheryl Squire of the Mohawk-Onkwehonwe Nation, who is one of the elders who authorized me and the ITCCS to operate on their territory and conduct excavations at mass graves at the Church of England Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario:

Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 12:06:58 AM

Subject: Re: “The Elders of the Mohawk Nation parted company with Kevin Annett” (Frank Miller video): Google Alert – Mohawk Nation

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that the video Frank Miller put out regarding Kevin Annett is his own personal opinion and he does not speak for the Mohawks at Kanata Village in Brantford.

As you will notice in the video, it is done at the long house with a bunch of strays Frank got together to make it look like he has some support. Frank Miller and his partner have been informed that they are no longer welcome at Kanata because of the video he put on you tube which is nothing but lies.

The truth is that Frank Miller is jealous of Kevin and just simply has great difficulty understanding how the modern world operates. Kevin still has a lot of support from the people who attend mtgs at Kanata and he is welcome to come back to Brantford whenever he chooses to continue his work regarding the residential schools.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am 100% Mohawk from Grand River Territory. I have been involved in Native politics for the past 40 years. I have two years of college, a university degree in psychology and 15 yrs. experience working front line at the Children’s Aid Society of Brant. I retired last April. So I do know right from wrong and when someone is “simply lost”.


cheryl squire

The criminals in high office who we’ve been battling for years always drop us strong clues by their reactions to our efforts. And from the sudden increase in such overt smears against us, we’re on the right track and have them worried.

Clearly, focusing on their criminal liability for planning and concealing genocide in collusion with pharmaceutical companies is striking at the Achilles Heel of church and state. So we will press on all that much harder because of their mounting attacks.

Please help us by ignoring the lies being circulated about us by “Greg Renouf” and his associates. Renouf has already been named as a provocateur and disruptor by activists in Vancouver and Toronto, and has even claimed that our entire lawsuit is a “hoax”.

In truth, copies of the Court Application and Affidavit submitted by Jason Bowman are available online and can be sent to you on request.
More importantly, you can provide your best help by circulating our updates and evidence as widely as possible, and join our legal and public protest actions over the months ahead.
Follow our historic work and updates at .

Thanks to you all, and keep your hearts pure, your courage strong, and your minds vigilant and clear. This battle has just begun, and our hopes are high!
More updates are coming.

Kevin Annett

ACP CANADA | July 4 | Toronto Federal Court of Canada

First, we thank all who showed their support today in Toronto. The day went better than I had hoped in that we have now already been able to have the Court issue direction (from chambers) with specific respect to how best to proceed with our first ex-parte hearing on Monday July 9th.

We expected to simply file a motion.  Instead, this historic and remarkable undertaking was taken by senior officials immediately to the Court for direction – whilst we waited patiently in a lovely furnished filing office conference room.  Staff provided us with materials and information – (we learned a few things which we had expected to need clarify next week in court).  To our delight, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application – a full week earlier than we expected.

Naturally, I was elated – well other than passing this masonic desecration / abomination / disgrace to the habitual waste of human life in the name of perverse and inhumane systems.

Freemasonry’s Obsession: The Most Evocative Symbol in Egyptian Religion “The Obelisk” Just say NO – FU – Demise nigh?                                                                                       (Note cracks, gaps & incomplete / unkept ‘workmanship’) Dawn is near.

We announced this great news at our round-table discussion a.k.a. ‘press conference’ where we spent a couple of hours meeting and answering questions.  The streaming / wireless connection was disrupted, but the entire videos will be soon available for those of you who could not attend to watch live.

NOTE: We were ‘evicted’ and forbidden from filming our round table discussions from in front of the Federal Court building at 180 Queen St. W. due to 2 evidently disturbed and unstable / angry / confused agents provocateurs “Greg Renouf” and friend.  Any person or group that seeks to defame, slander, discredit or harm others by attempting to provoke or lure them to commit rash / inappropriate action(s) needs to be identified, named and shunned from civil society – and court house property – not the ACP.  I intend to personally pursue this matter when I am next in court in order to keep the record straight and untainted by such scandalous nonsense (which I find to be disruptive, unlawful and in need of legal attention). I made certain that security officers were made clearly aware that we had NOTHING to do with the pair before we ‘moved along’ and tried to set up our livestream elsewhere.

After shouting statements to the effect of “I am not leaving until you call the police” to two security officers in front of the entrance to the Court, the unfortunate (and uninvited) duo then proceeded to follow the ACP and journalists / supporters to the Osgoode courtyard. (It seems to me that the dynamic duo appear to have ‘escaped’ the dragnet & followed the targets). Undeterred, we set up on the lawn of the (public) Osgoode courtyard and recommenced our meeting.  Once again, security demanded that we move along.  This time, I politely asked whether filming from outside of the gates would be agreeable – to which the officer replied: “Now that’s smart” – we had an accord.  When I asked if the officer had received an order to evict us, he replied with both eyes wide: Oh yeah! What an historic day, indeed.

V is for Victory – and for Peace

Thanks to all of our growing supporters for their profound love and best vibes being showed in our direction.  This movement has been growing, and today is testament to the clear fact that humanity is saying NO – FU to mind control, domination, torture, hate, divisions, war, corruption and fraud.  Is it THAT hard to understand?

Videos are being uploaded and will be released shortly.

END NOTE: All local / MSM was 100% absent from our round table.  This clearly demonstrates to us all that sheeple are NOT being told the NEWS.  They are sold a bill of goods rather on CBC and other whores for the masters who used to be in charge.  This is why nobody cares to read rags or watch idiotv any longer.  I wonder sometimes whether or not these whores will ask for bailouts in order that they may continue to bestow humanity with our most important stories fed to them each like a ………….. (fill in your own word).

We, the people, are done.  And we will find court after court which shall agree with our simple and logical requests.  Watch this unfold and watch for indictments soon.

With much hope, and great love,  Jason J.

Publicado el 29 de junio 2012 por itccs
Toronto, Canadá:

Un comunicado de prensa conjunta por la Asociación de Fiscales Ciudadanos (ACP) y el Tribunal Internacional de Crímenes de Estado y la Iglesia (ITCCS) debe ser puesto en libertad el “Día de Canadá”, 1 de julio de 2012.

Se anuncia la demanda colectiva por primera vez en la historia de Canadá para nombrar como co-acusados del Vaticano, la Corona de Inglaterra, Canadá y sus iglesias, y las grandes compañías farmacéuticas, todos los cuales están acusados de crímenes de lesa humanidad y concierto para delinquir.

La demanda es interpuesta por Jason Bowman de la ACP y el Reverendo Kevin Annett de las ITCCS, en nombre de un grupo de muchos otros.

La demanda será explicado en detalle en una conferencia de prensa celebrada en la fecha de la presentación en el edificio de la Corte Federal, el miércoles 4 de julio a 1 pm en el 180 Queen Street West en Toronto.

Una copia del comunicado de prensa 01 de julio se adjunta.

“Las víctimas de la iglesia, el estado y las grandes compañías farmacéuticas finalmente se unen para acabar con el terror”, dijo Kevin Annett hoy.

“Entre otros demandantes en nuestra acción de clase serán los sobrevivientes del genocidio de Canadá contra los nativos, que nunca han tenido su día en corte. La cal se ha terminado. Más de 50.000 niños asesinados por último se enfrentan Canadá y la Iglesia Católica, Anglicana y el Reino Unido, y poniendo a todos en el juicio “.

Para más información comuníquese con Jason Bowman en 705-250-0221 y 250-591-4573 en Kevin Annett.
ACP principal Sucursal: 140 Victoria Street East, Alliston, ON L9R 1K6 | tel. / Fax (705) 250-0221
E-mail: canada.acp @ | Sitio web:

Por favor, haga clic en el enlace de de abajo para ver el documento actual | Demanda histórica de ser presentada en la Corte Federal contra la Iglesia y la Corona.

Doctors squeezed out of medicinal cannabis patient care.

Monday, June 25, 2012  by cathe douglas

Special report to Association of Citizen Prosecutors – Canada

Despite a judicial order that basically told the Government of Canada to fix medicinal cannabis laws or legalize it, the Canadian Government and police forces across Canada continue to ignore it.

Under the guise of regulating the system, the Harper Government has used the system, not only to defy judicial orders including from British Columbia and Ontario by using Health Canada and the police to discriminate against the users of medical cannabis.

While regulations demand that patients “inhale” medicinal cannabis, Mr. Justice Robert Johnson in a 35 page ruling delivered on April 13, 2012 in R. v. Owen Smith, giving Health Canada its request for a year to respond to changing its regulations to include that “people authorized to use medicinal cannabis infused oils, drink it in their tea or to bake brownies and cookies, not just to smoke it.”

While refusing to give police agencies patient names, releasing only numbers of licensed users, police have been raiding participating doctors offices. Doctors like Dr. Robert “Rob” Joseph Kamermans of Coe Hill Ontario where he has a thriving practice.

Coincidentally on the same date that Smith’s trial concluded in British Columbia, January 26th, 2012 is the very same day R.C.M.P. arrested, handcuffed and charged “Dr. K,” as he is known by some of his patients. He was then posed for photographs outside his small town office.

Under the guise of regulating the system, the Harper Government has instead used the system to exploit patient information, while allowing police agencies to use Health Canada and private confidential information to target “potheads.”

That is how the media describe “pot smokers,” even though hemp has been proven to be nutritious and can be made into healing balms and oils. There are numerous uses for hemp which is a natural greener industry.

Doctors who prescribe the use of medicinal cannabis and patients who apply for either a license and or the ability to grow their own have been publicly shamed for what ought to have been a legal practice.

After Dr. Kamermans’ arrest, he was further humiliated with a police interview taking several hours and forced to find his own way back to Coe Hill.

Then Global media’s show produced a report that further villified Dr. Kamermans as a “drug dealer” in part, because of the amount of money that he was charging for his out-patient clinics. Global media failed to provide a balanced story in the targeting of Dr. Kamermans.

Now Dr. Kamermans faces disciplinary hearings for the treatment of 21 of his patients alleging mistreatment before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. His hearings are scheduled for two weeks beginning in mid- February. It is known that at least one of these charges came as a result of a complaint from another doctor displeased that one of his patients made the choice to ask for Dr. Kamermans’ help in paying for medicinal cannabis.

With regard to patient care, Ontario Health Insurance Program treats medicinal users of cannabinoids differently than every other patient in Ontario, discriminantly refusing to pay for medical services and should too be brought before the courts. Justice Johnston and Justice Taliano both found that Health Canada regulations violated one’s rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms with particular mention of Section 7, one’s right to life and liberty and not to be deprived thereof.

Canada’s Marijuana laws and Health Canada too discriminates against medicinal users of Cannibis by requiring applications, approval of applications and particularly the requirement to have the doctor sign the pack of a “passport” type photograph so that the government may identify medicinal users.” This even violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms not to discriminate based on medical conditions.

With warrants based on information that Dr. Kamermans was in possession of and dealing drugs, both his home and office were raided. No drugs were found, but police felt it necessary to seize all of Dr. Kamerman’s patient files, which include copies of the applications to Health Canada. Do police really have the right to information that is confidential between a doctor and his patient?

Do the police have the right to retain these files or to now use the information contained therein? After the treatment of Dr. Kamermans, who can blame the majority of doctors who refuse to participate in the medicinal cannabis program.

Should Dr. Kamermans’ patients be worried about their private and confidential medical information now being in the hands of police who refuse to recognize that medicinal cannabis is no longer illegal?

The answer is YES.  We now see Health Canada has been cancelling Dr. K’s patients’ licenses.  That means that if some have licences for 75 plants, for example a patient could end up with a new mandatory minimum sentence for as much as 14 years – or more.  This would be certain death for many cannabis patients who can not live without the natural oil or medicine.  This could be genocide in waiting.

Currently, this all forces patients and doctors into a climate of the “black market,” but is it really profiteering or a vile business foisted upon doctors by such a broken system?

In his decision in the case against Matthew Mernaugh of Toronto, Mr. Justice Donald Taliano agreed in a May decision that ordered Health Canada to rewrite Canada’s medicinal cannabis laws and regulations or to legalize it. Period.

He also concluded that the laws and regulations were unconstitutional and that many doctors have engaged in a massive boycott causing further problems for patients wanting access.

Thus far, Health Canada, provincial medical associations and pharmaceutical companies refuse to make literature available on the growing evidence to the importance of cannabinoids. In the words of one doctor, “I do not know enough about it to prescribe it.”

Well isn’t it time they all found out?  We are asking victims of Cannabis persecutions and prohibition to come forward and join our class action.  We have proof that Health Canada has been knowingly conspiring with Big Pharma in order lie to health care professionals and to prevent public access to known safe cannabinoids.  This is also true in the United States.  See: United States Patent No. 6,630,507 October 7, 2003 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” Assigned to: The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC)

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