Align Shine Prosper inner-net radio July 11 2012 Featuring Rev. Kevin Annett and Jason Bowman, parties in the historic federal proceedings unfolding in Toronto, Canada against the Vatican, the Crown of England, government and churches of Canada, and pharmaceutical corporations, for crimes against humanity, including human trafficking & genocide, and criminal conspiracy; a defining moment for every person to choose a New Earth

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Victims of Pharma-State Conspiracies

“Evolutionary enlightenment is about a COLLECTIVE EMERGENCE not merely an individual attainment, which has more potential for ‘cultural transformation’ at the leading edge.” Andrew Cohen.

The ‘human predicament’ we face is WHAT will it take for ALL world citizens to unite in a spirit of cooperation, to energize and experience divine prophecy instead of 2012 negative prophecy? I suggest COHERENCE – Language of HEART. Institute of Heart Math and Gregg Braden
Please tune in to our show, expand awareness for yourself, and share with others, to strengthen unity and affirmative action during this critical juncture.

I do not perceive this class action suit is a witch hunt, instead I perceive it is a conscious choice to transform the dark matrix each of us created through negativity, into becoming new world citizens in a new sustainable world.

Listen starting at 8:00 p.m. EST live here:


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