Latest News from ITCCS and Kevin Annett on our Criminal Conspiracy lawsuit against the Crown, Big Pharma, the Vatican and their accomplices – Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Victims of Pharma-State Conspiracies

See this latest interview with Kevin Annett / July 9, 2012:

Dozens of people rally to our class action lawsuit – Mohawk-Onkwehonwe elders reaffirm support for Kevin Annett and ITCCS/ACP – and the black ops campaign against us intensifies as our lawsuit proceeds

Dear friends,

From mothers who’ve lost their children to in-house child trafficking, to native people searching for their murdered relatives, many victims of church and state are rallying to our class action lawsuit that commenced on July 4 in a Federal Court in Toronto. Since that day, more than thirty people have contacted us to sign onto our class action suit.

Meanwhile, news of our effort has been reported on media around the world and has even prompted diplomatic inquiries to the Canadian government by other states.

Jason Bowman, who commenced the suit on behalf of The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) and our ITCCS, expects to proceed soon with the next aspect of the case, despite a heightening “black ops” campaign to derail and discredit our efforts by full-time operatives like a shadowy figure going by the name of “Greg Renouf”.

Predictably, that campaign has focused on trying to defame both Bowman and me by circulating on the internet unsubstantiated and false claims about both of us.

In response, we’ve posted some material to counter these lies and rumors, including this recent note from Cheryl Squire of the Mohawk-Onkwehonwe Nation, who is one of the elders who authorized me and the ITCCS to operate on their territory and conduct excavations at mass graves at the Church of England Indian residential school in Brantford, Ontario:

Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 12:06:58 AM

Subject: Re: “The Elders of the Mohawk Nation parted company with Kevin Annett” (Frank Miller video): Google Alert – Mohawk Nation

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that the video Frank Miller put out regarding Kevin Annett is his own personal opinion and he does not speak for the Mohawks at Kanata Village in Brantford.

As you will notice in the video, it is done at the long house with a bunch of strays Frank got together to make it look like he has some support. Frank Miller and his partner have been informed that they are no longer welcome at Kanata because of the video he put on you tube which is nothing but lies.

The truth is that Frank Miller is jealous of Kevin and just simply has great difficulty understanding how the modern world operates. Kevin still has a lot of support from the people who attend mtgs at Kanata and he is welcome to come back to Brantford whenever he chooses to continue his work regarding the residential schools.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am 100% Mohawk from Grand River Territory. I have been involved in Native politics for the past 40 years. I have two years of college, a university degree in psychology and 15 yrs. experience working front line at the Children’s Aid Society of Brant. I retired last April. So I do know right from wrong and when someone is “simply lost”.


cheryl squire

The criminals in high office who we’ve been battling for years always drop us strong clues by their reactions to our efforts. And from the sudden increase in such overt smears against us, we’re on the right track and have them worried.

Clearly, focusing on their criminal liability for planning and concealing genocide in collusion with pharmaceutical companies is striking at the Achilles Heel of church and state. So we will press on all that much harder because of their mounting attacks.

Please help us by ignoring the lies being circulated about us by “Greg Renouf” and his associates. Renouf has already been named as a provocateur and disruptor by activists in Vancouver and Toronto, and has even claimed that our entire lawsuit is a “hoax”.

In truth, copies of the Court Application and Affidavit submitted by Jason Bowman are available online and can be sent to you on request.
More importantly, you can provide your best help by circulating our updates and evidence as widely as possible, and join our legal and public protest actions over the months ahead.
Follow our historic work and updates at .

Thanks to you all, and keep your hearts pure, your courage strong, and your minds vigilant and clear. This battle has just begun, and our hopes are high!
More updates are coming.

Kevin Annett

  1. Janis Smith says:

    Sounds like you are not going to be driven back in the face of adversity. Hang in there and we are hoping for your success!!

  2. Ruud says:

    Keep on the good work Kevin.Lots of succes from the Netherlands

  3. Rhonda says:

    Keep going. You are doing this for the entire world!! I admire your courage and cheer you on daily.

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