Historic Lawsuit against Demonic Forces launched July 4th 2012 – (Watch “Greg Renouf” and friends in action):

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Victims of Pharma-State Conspiracies
  1. im uploading it to my youtube channel also! great work guys! some of the video speaks for itself , also i commented on sherryinfowars videos on youtube also because i saw her footage interviewing greg , and she took everything he said and then started to attack kevin also saying it was fake etc , and without doing any research bashed kevin and us yet she agress with the cause and wants to see the queen arrested , well i suggest to people dont bash something that you say you agree with , its easy for people to cut down others for their work when they dont have any ideas on how to do it themselves or to make it better , also telling security to call the police and your not leaving doesnt help the cause either it just makes us all like like punks and they will just throw us in jail , divide and conquer people get sucked into to easy! if you agree with this cause then support it , if you dont then dont but dont go bashing others who have boots on the ground and are at least trying to make a difference! check out the june 16th show slim swayze and kevin annett and listen live this sat july 14th live on trentradio.ca or http://www.slimswayze.com

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