Emergency “All Nations Great Peace Gathering” – Eagle’s Nest – July 15th to the 20th, 2012 – Brantford, Ontario

UPDATE: Historical Application to be Filed and Served Upon the Vatican, the Queen, & Others – Court Directs Applicants in Chambers RE: Ex-parte Motion

First, we thank all who showed their support today in Toronto. The day went better than I had hoped in that we have now already been able to have the Court issue direction (from chambers) with specific respect to how best to proceed with our ex-parte hearing.

We expected to simply file a motion.  Instead, this historic and remarkable undertaking was taken by senior officials immediately to the Court for direction – whilst we waited patiently in a lovely furnished filing office conference room.  Staff provided us with materials and information – (we learned a few things which we had expected to need clarify next week in court).  To our delight, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application – a full week earlier than we expected.

Naturally, I was elated – well other than passing this masonic desecration / abomination / disgrace to the habitual waste of human life in the name of perverse and inhumane systems.

Freemasonry’s Obsession: The Most Evocative Symbol in Egyptian Religion “The Obelisk” Just say NO – FU  (Note cracks, gaps & incomplete / unkept ‘workmanship’) Dawn is near – Demise of the darkness is nigh

We announced this great news at our round-table discussion a.k.a. ‘press conference’ where we spent a couple of hours meeting and answering questions.  The streaming / wireless connection was disrupted, but the entire videos will be soon available for those of you who could not attend to watch live.

NOTE: We were ‘evicted’ and forbidden from filming our round table discussions from in front of the Federal Court building at 180 Queen St. W. due to 2 evidently disturbed and unstable / angry / confused agents provocateurs.  Any person or group that seeks to defame, slander, discredit or harm others by attempting to provoke or lure them to commit rash / inappropriate action(s) needs to be identified, named and shunned from civil society – and court house property – not the ACP.  I intend to personally pursue this matter when I am next in court in order to keep the record straight and untainted by such scandalous nonsense (which I find to be disruptive, unlawful and in need of legal attention). I made certain that security officers were made clearly aware that we had NOTHING to do with the pair before we ‘moved along’ and tried to set up our livestream elsewhere.

After shouting statements to the effect of “I am not leaving until you call the police” to two security officers in front of the entrance to the Court, the unfortunate (and uninvited) duo then proceeded to follow the ACP and journalists / supporters to the Osgoode courtyard. (It seems to me that the dynamic duo appear to have ‘escaped’ the dragnet & followed the targets). Undeterred, we set up on the lawn of the (public) Osgoode courtyard and recommenced our meeting.  Once again, security demanded that we move along.  This time, I politely asked whether filming from outside of the gates would be agreeable – to which the officer replied: “Now that’s smart” – we had an accord.  When I asked if the officer had received an order to evict us, he replied with both eyes wide: Oh yeah! What an historic day, indeed.

V is for Victory – and for Peace

Thanks to all of our growing supporters for their profound love and best vibes being showed in our direction.  This movement has been growing, and today is testament to the clear fact that humanity is saying NO – FU to mind control, domination, torture, hate, divisions, war, corruption and fraud.  Is it THAT hard to understand?

Videos are being uploaded and will be released shortly.

END NOTE: All local / MSM was 100% absent from our round table.  This clearly demonstrates to us all that sheeple are NOT being told the NEWS.  They are sold a bill of goods rather on CBC and other whores for the masters who used to be in charge.  This is why nobody cares to read rags or watch idiotv any longer.  I wonder sometimes whether or not these whores will ask for bailouts in order that they may continue to bestow humanity with our most important stories fed to them each like a ………….. (fill in your own word).

We, the people, are done.  And we will find court after court which shall agree with our simple and logical requests.  Watch this unfold and watch for indictments soon.

With much hope, and great love,  Jason J.

Kanata Day Communique: A Chance to Turn the Tables on the Oligarchy of Crown, Church and Corporation

Issued by Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS and others on July 1, 2012

 The biggest criminal conspiracy in history is being confronted this week in a federal court house in Toronto.

On Wednesday July 4, our friend and ally, Jason Bowman of The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP), will be filing the first class action lawsuit in history against the Vatican, the Crown of England, the government and churches of Canada, and pharmaceutical corporations for crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

Anyone who has suffered at the hands of these groups can come forward and join our action.

For instance, for a century doctors and clergy of both the Roman Catholic and United Church of Canada sterilized and experimented on countless aboriginal people – many of them children who died as a result – under agreements with the Crown of England and prominent pharmaceutical companies with ties to the military.

In 1995, when as a west coast United Church clergyman I began to uncover the grisly evidence of such practices as testing drugs for these companies on children at United Church facilities like the R.W. Large Hospital in Bella Bella, B.C., I was targeted for personal and professional destruction by that Church and its friends in government.

Across Canada, there are many such cases of criminal conspiracy to silence the truth and truth tellers. Now, for the first time, there’s a chance for these crimes to be brought to light and those responsible made to publicly account.

That opportunity commences Monday, July 9, when Jason Bowman will argue our application before a Federal Court judge.

Besides the historic “McLibel” lawsuit in England during the 1990’s when two people singlehandedly took on the McDonald’s Corporation, I can’t think of a bigger case of David confronting Goliath in the courts. For in our suit, we are naming the biggest actors in global genocide as having conspired to commit and conceal centuries of pillage, murder and corruption.

Our phones have been flooded already by dozens of people who want to support us and bring forward their own cases, and by media outlets wanting interviews. Clearly, we have struck a chord.

Let’s be clear about our purpose.

This lawsuit is not an end in itself but one step, albeit a big one, to unseat and disestablish self-governing corporations of church, state and business that have wreaked havoc on our world. For this unholy alliance has been behind the destruction of millions of people and poses an ever-growing threat to the welfare of our children, our liberties, and our planet.

So, we’re not out for a financial settlement or “compensation” from these oligarchies. Nothing can compensate for what they have done, and their lawyers will not buy themselves out of their responsibility for mass murder. This is not a “personal injury” lawsuit but a blow aimed at the power of business, church and state.

So, if justice is to come, it won’t happen through a court decision but by getting rid of these tyrannical institutions altogether and reinventing our world so that their crimes will never be repeated. We want the Vatican and profit-hungry drug companies gone altogether, not simply modified. We see this class action is a means to that end.

This fact makes today’s Kanata Day message all that more poignant.

Three years ago today, a group of patriots in Winnipeg announced the formation of The Republic of Kanata: a grassroots movement of those descended from aboriginal and European peoples who are determined not only to sever ties with the fictitious “Crown of England”, but to do so in order to return the land, wealth and power to all of our people from the few who presently monopolize it.

We who are embarked on this path of sovereignty and independence are total realists. We know that such a Republic of Equals will not come about by declarations and “cyber radicalism”, but by building on the ground a new society within the shell of the old. And the first practical action towards this aim is creating a moral framework through a new judicial system based on common law courts under the authority of our Republic of Kanata.

The first case brought in such a new court system will be against the so-called Crown of England and the Vatican for centuries of terror and theft against all the peoples of Canada.

The case that will be argued by Jason Bowman on July 9 in Federal Court is the opening volley in this campaign to dislocate Crown and Church in our land.

Personally, I feel many spirits and ancestors watching what we are doing this week. In many ways I feel like I am continuing the unfinished work of my great-great-great grandfather Philip Annett, an Upper Canada farmer who fought in the Patriot movement if 1837 to overthrow the oligarchy called The Family Compact that in many ways still rules Canada and our world.

We are fighting the same battle my grandfather and others waged two centuries ago because that movement was crushed, and Crown and Church and their wealthy friends became enthroned in Canada. The same year the Patriots were defeated, the first murderous “Indian residential school” was created by the Crown at the “Mohawk school” in Brantford, Ontario. That blow was aimed not only at indigenous people but at every European settler, to impose a mental and spiritual tyranny of Bishops and Bankers on our land from which we are struggling to emerge.

Over half of Canadians polled are with us, and want an end to our ties with the Crown. But we are not envisioning a mere changing of the political guard, with new elites running the show under a new flag. We must achieve mental liberation and spiritual reform before a new social reality is possible.

On July 9, we are beginning this emancipation. We need you to not only climb on board but use our effort to transform your own life and community from the bottom up.

Send us your story. Share our messages and you tube postings that will document our ongoing lawsuit. And resurrect the dreams of our earliest ancestors of the Two Row Wampum by which indigenous and settler shared all the land equally, and in peace.

It is a joy and an honor to stand with you all in this cause, and battle.
(Stay tuned for You Tube posting of our July 4 Toronto press conference)

The Republic of Kanata

Association of Citizen Prosecutors

ACP – Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- July 1st, 2012  Toronto, CANADA

ACP / ITCCS Joint Press Release Statement: Citizen victims’ group to commence proceedings at the Federal Court of Canada against the Vatican, the United Church of Canada, the Queen, the Harper Government & Big Pharma for their alleged involvement in wide-spread conspiracies pertaining to crimes against humanity, genocide & institutional corruption. The first ex-parte motion in the matter of Kevin Annett et al. v. The State of the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI et al., is set to be argued at the Federal Court in Toronto on Monday July 9th. A press conference has been scheduled for July 4th at the Federal Court Building on Queen St. in Toronto at 1:00 p.m.)  For the first time, Residential School, Church Sex Abuse & Medical Cannabis Victims join forces in an unprecedented search for justice – before opting out of Canada as a Nation. See: VIDEO: Rev. Kevin Annett – Public Declaration to the Vatican/The Republic of Kanata (Canada) In this video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin Annett, discusses a public declaration to Pope Ratzinger and the Vatican stating that unless specific actions are taken by the Pope and the Vatican by September 15, 2012, “every known Roman Catholic priest or official who has harmed a child or protected those who have will be publicly named by our network, and will be publicly arrested and expelled from their churches.”

Kevin Annett (acting secretary the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, or ITCCS), and Jason Bowman (founder, of the Association of Citizen Prosecutors,or ACP) are leading fast-growing numbers of Canadian victims in an unprecedented class action challenge in Federal Court.

Representing himself, and an undisclosed number plaintiff applicants, Bowman and his team have obtained a motion hearing date, and plan to file secret motion materials on an ex-parte basis at the Toronto branch of Federal Court of Canada in the coming days. (Ex-parte is a term meaning that all opposing parties are barred access to all court filings – and will even be barred from knowing what happens during the hearing in court on July 9th – at least for now – or until the Court orders otherwise).

While certain aspects of this first motion remain under tight wraps, some litigants are speaking out and encouraging more victims to step forward from within Canada – and around the world.

“This is getting big – it’s global. Finally we have chance to stand together as oppressed citizens and have our day in court – this is our chance to seek justice,” says Erin, a state conspiracy whistleblower who has exhausted her family’s life-savings paying for her own legal expenses which led her nowhere in what she describes a “travesty of justice”.

“Hardworking, honest folks like us have simply finally had enough. Citizens have the right to seek justice,” Bowman adds. “…and that’s exactly what we have set out to do. We intend to seek arrest warrants & are prepared to prosecute accused parties ourselves pursuant to the law.  No more judicially perverse games – the time to account has come.”

Canadian residents who fall into either category are welcome to make enquiries, since the certification of class participants does not need to be finalized for some time (all participants must have been harmed by state-sponsored wrongdoing)

Church-state criminal conspiracies
Pharma-church-state conspiracies

For complete information or to join, visit: https://federalclassactions.wordpress.com
Press contact: Jason Bowman (705) 250-0221 or Kevin Annett (250) 591-4573
canada.acp@gmail.com       |   hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com

Breaking News – June 29, 2012

Media Leak: Historic Criminal Conspiracy case against the Vatican and Crown of England to be launched in the Federal Court of Canada

Class action suit is the first of its kind, aimed at churches, government and big pharmaceutical companies

Toronto, Canada:
A joint media release by The Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) is to be released on “Canada Day”, July 1, 2012.

It announces the first class action lawsuit in Canadian history to name as co-defendants the Vatican, the Crown of England, Canada and its churches, and big pharmaceutical companies, all of which are accused of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

The lawsuit is brought by Jason Bowman of the ACP and Rev. Kevin Annett of the ITCCS, on behalf of a group of many others.

The lawsuit will be explained in detail at a press conference held on the date of filing at the Federal Court Building, on Wednesday, July 4 at 1 pm EST at 180 Queen street West in Toronto.

A copy of the July 1 press statement is attached.

“Victims of church, state and big pharma are finally uniting to put an end to their terror” said Kevin Annett today.

“Among other plaintiffs in our class action will be survivors of Canada’s genocide against native people, who have never had their day in court. The whitewash is over. More than 50,000 murdered children will finally be confronting Canada and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church, and placing them all on trial”.

For information contact Jason Bowman at 705-250-0221 and Kevin Annett at 250-591-4573.


See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at www.hiddennolonger.com and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.org .
Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).
Watch Kevin’s award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website www.hiddenfromhistory.org

I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him. – Chief Louis Daniels – Whispers Wind Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Founded in 2012 by Jason J. Bowman, the ACP is a volunteer anti-corruption corps of citizens and citizen prosecutors who seek justice on behalf of victims of criminals in instances where traditional authorities are reluctant or otherwise unwilling to act.

Enter your e-mail address below or stay posted for more information.

  1. Abi says:

    I would just like to let you know that I fully support your actions against these people and let justice be done. There is another attack on humanity going on right now, in the form of Geoengineering ( Chemtrails) on a global scale. The public are unaware of this and they do not realise what chemicals are in them. The Governments deny all knowledge and ignore it but we have the right to know what they are spraying us with. GOOD LUCK !!!

  2. Geoengineering, the dozens of different methods they’ve used to commit “a nice, quiet, slow, and lasting genocide” of innocent people globally, GMO “phudes” without nutrients but with the “free, bonus, extra, complimentary, added flavour and benefits of pesticides”, United Nations Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius…where will it ever end, if we don’t stop it?

    It’s definitely long overdue that SOMEBODY stood up and did something about the way this entire planet continues to be destroyed on every possible front…all for the enrichment of a few, at the expense of all of the rest of us.

  3. You guys got balls the size of watermelons, I love you. Hit em hard and expose the truth. All the power to ya.

  4. Carmine Bucci says:

    I support your efforts, may the light be with you to complete your mission.

  5. Rhonda says:

    The oppression of these religions and governments run world wide. Thank you for getting this ball rolling as this will spread around the globe.

  6. KPR says:

    Though an American, let it be known that you have my full support.

    Mr. Annett is a legitimate hero. That’s why so few people on this side of the border have ever heard of him.

    All the Best!

  7. Wm David Jones-Cook says:

    Kanata Day Communique: A Chance to Turn the Tables on the Oligarchy of Crown, Church and Corporation
    by David Jones-Cook on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 5:48pm ·

    Wednesday, 04 July 2012

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy, and when you’re inside, and look around, what

    do you see? Businessmen, Teachers, Lawyers, Carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to

    save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand: most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. – Morpheus – The Matrix

    In this craps shoot life we live in I have come to find-out and bring out into the open information if not deliberately hidden from public view certainly has not been set out as “full disclosure” for all to see and then be able to make qualified decisions as the result of that disclosure.

    Consumer Protection Act

    The Consumer Protection Act requires banks to disclose certain the terms, fees and conditions of a loan to a consumer. This applies to various types of loans and credit offered by the bank. The full disclosure required protects consumers from inaccurate and unfair credit practices, and covers a home loan, auto loans, personal credit lines and bank-issued credit cards.

    Finance Charges

    are fully disclosed. The disclosure must include the finance charge that is being charged to the consumer who is responsible for the credit account. The bank must also disclose other fees that may be included in the finance charge such as interest; points (each point equals one percent of the loan amount–usually charged by the lender to originate a loan); discount points (each point equals one percent of the loan amount–charged by the lender when the consumer wants to buy down their interest rate on the loan); a loan or finder’s fee; fee for credit reports; premium for any guarantee or insurance protection for the creditor against default by the consumer; mortgage broker fees; and tax service fees.

    Read more: Bank Consumer Loan Disclosure Requirements | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5399772_bank-consumer-loan-disclosure-requirements.html#ixzz1zhi1Zu9f

    “Scire leges, non hoc verba earum tenere, sed vim et potestatem,” Which in English is

    “To know the law is, not to observe their mere words, but their force and power.”

    Bouvier’s (1914), page 2162. To which I am compelled to add, by what means was this force and power created and how can it possibly be greater than the fallow force and power given to man by God?

    “The Bar, the pulpit and the press nefariously combined to cry up an usurpt power and, strike it Right Divine.” Unattributed 1695

    In order to untangle the religious/banker/law trinity one must fully understand, or stand under, the following maxim of law – It is a maxim of law that, “It is natural for a thing to be unbound in the same way in which it was bound”(Naturale est quidlibet dissolvi eo modo quo ligatur). Unless of course one can simply cut the Gordian Knot doing the binding. 😉

    Kanata Day Communique: A Chance to Turn the Tables on the Oligarchy of Crown, Church and Corporation


    As a self-directed student of what is loosely described as the bodies of Law I have been fascinated not only how law came to be but also how it came to be the final say in the lives of man. Monotheism of the so-called Catholic Christian variety has become a parallel corruption to the Divine Right of Royalties with “the Pope” assuming the role of Vicar of Christ. I further believe the peoples of the world have been the somewhat willing victims, due to the seeming need for recognition from some or another mystical power they can have to take responsibilities for that which baffles them. To me it is not about spirituality, but rather who owns the spiritual commodity. Religion has done a bang up job of that!

    The Rolls of Oléron (Rôles d’Oléron, also known as the “Judgments of Oleron” and the

    “Rules of Oléron”) were the first formal statement of “maritime” or “admiralty” laws in

    northwestern Europe.

    Code of Hammurabi is where this stuff originates!!!!!!!!

    In order to untangle the religious/banker/law trinity one must fully understand, or stand under, the following maxim of law – It is a maxim of law that, “It is natural for a thing to be unbound in the same way in which it was bound”(Naturale est quidlibet dissolvi eo modo quo ligatur).

    All of which brings us back to be well suited to the task of going before the courts. I suggest their courts be invited to participate at the hearings convened in the courts of the Association of Citizen Prosecutors, or ACP. Should the courts of the Bar decline appearance I further suggest a trial be conducted in abstenthia (sic). Fear, Arrogance, or a faux belief of Good sense must be taken into consideration as to the “reasoning” this Private Society of Bar courts chooses to not make an appearance.

    Sir William Blackstone tells us of the concept of Superior/Inferior whereby the inferior must give way to the superior. Nowhere can a better example of this dichotomy be found that in the holding of rightful knowledge.


    http://www.Victims-Unite.net is one of my UK websites trying to empower, inspire and connect victims. But we have not had the pleasure of being able to join forces with as enlightened lawyers as you are!

    To join the dots between church, state and big pharma is FANTABULOUS! We’re just trying to appeal against the completely farcical ‘trial’ against a Nigerian couple whose seven children were snatched, while they were imprisoned.

    The institutionalised hypocrisy is simply unbearable. More and more power to your elbows!

    I’ve got a portfolio of nine child snatching cases presented to the Education Select Committee and other ‘cases as stories’ – in the vague hope of changing the law or getting the Rule of Law to govern, rather than the Rule of Money!


    • Thanks for your message – and for your kind words of support. Thanks also for your important work. We are citizen prosecutors – NOT lawyers. (Quite the opposite, in fact – in the sense that we refuse to participate in a perverse and depraved agenda for profit.)
      We should connect. 705.250.0221 is my number in Canada.

      • Oh. Even a bigger BRAVO if you’re ‘citizen prosecutors’, Jason! There are a few ‘victims turned starfighters’ who have experience with ‘private prosecutions’. But none of them have thought as big as you have!

        Are you not on Skype? I’m sabine.kurjo.mcneill.

  9. Marika says:

    Good luck with your fight! I pray for victory, for all the victims of these atrocious crimes.

  10. I was at this event and proud of it! check out my june 16th show with Kevin here http://slimswayze69.podomatic.com/entry/2012-06-16T21_37_14-07_00 and listen July 14th 7:30-9pm eastern for our upcoming show on http://www.slimswayze.com or http://www.trentradio.ca All past shows archived and podcasted so if u miss live shows just check the archives 🙂

  11. karen says:

    They never wanted me to know my roots…my native roots I am Metis. They the abusers. I became my culture though.. I hid it from them to protect it. I being a healer and successful and in my family that wouldn’t be allowed…so they fight my culture to bring me down…
    Use the Law.

  12. The center of power is the Vatican Bank. The US Federal Reserve and Bank of England are branches. The Rothschilds are a false front for the Vatican treasury. If all the Vatican assets are confiscated, the New World Order will fall.

  13. I first learned about this story a couple of years ago. It was a compulsion for me to read and absorb with difficulty, the despicable acts of terror and degradation our First Nations people have gone through. I sent notice and details of the story and upcoming court case to most newspapers in Ontario and as far as I know nothing was ever printed.
    This conspiracy of silence is a sad commentary on the condition of our culture; no wonder we don’t learn from history. No one has any idea about the black holes in this nations history.
    To think those preaching the Word of God could sodomize, murder and experiment on other human beings sickens me and is beyond my comprehension. I trust no church, they are all hypocrites as is the bitch that sits on the throne in England and the pricks that pretend to be God in the Vatican. Boil the lot of them in oil, slowly.

  14. BTW, may God be with you as Kevin,you and the others on your team give of your time and effort; the world will surely be a better place if there is any decency left in the courts.

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